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Information on Buying Methyltestosterone

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You need to read this first. Everything you want to know before you buy methyltestosterone can be found right here. From the drug?s characteristics and side effects, to where you can find it, what to pay, and how safe it really is.

What exactly is methyltestosterone?

Methyltestosterone, one of the earliest developed steroid applications, alongside progesterone, makes up over one third of all testosterone prescriptions to date in the U.S. Originally created as an oral version of injectable testosterone, methyltestosterone is just that, "test" in a pill. So when you buy methyltestosterone, you are purchasing, for the most part the same benefits and side effects of injectable testosterone, but typically on a lesser scale. Studies have shown that when you buy methyltestosterone, the results are not as positive as injectable forms of testosterone. However, methyltestosterone, is useful for short bursts of strength and aggression, and is usually administered an hour or so before a workout for maximum results from training.

Side effects you need to know before you buy methyltestosterone

As with injectable testosterone, when you buy methyltestosterone, you can expect side effects that range from development of estrogenic characteristics that may contribute to hair loss, excessive oil production, acne, gynecomastia, and water retention. One side effect, when you buy methyltestosterone, that can be stronger than injectable steroids, is based on the oral method of administering this drug. Because methyltestosterone is designed to withstand the liver's ability to destroy it as it passes through, the hepatoxicity (stress on the liver) is higher than injectable testosterone. So when you buy methyltestosterone, be aware of these potentially dangerous side effects.